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Thanks for stopping by! I'm excited to get this blog started and am eager to use this space to generate a conversation about many aspects of music making, share awesome work done by friends and colleagues, and more.

Lately, I have found myself increasingly interested in various schools of guitar pedagogy and the concept of effectively unlearning previous adapted techniques in order to successfully implement new ones. I have found it fascinating to read about and experience the differences between the many instrumental methods available to guitarists today. Some of the authors and musicians that have inspired me to dig into this study are, among others, Abel Carlevaro, Ricardo Iznaola, and Aaron Shearer.

In order for me to gain the empirical evidence needed to be able to accurately note the key pros and cons between the many ideas behind performing music on the classical guitar, I had to dump many of my own "known" tendencies towards playing the instrument. This patient and humbling process of mental rewiring has truly enthralled me and has lead me to explore many other learning theories. I hope to combine these technical insights from masters and scholars of the guitar with a holistic approach to effortless application on the instrument. All for the music!

I am still developing many of my ideas on the matter and look forward to sharing more about this project as it unfolds. In the meantime, take a look around, follow me on social media, and enjoy!


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