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Matt Kaplan Classical Guitarist & Educator | Sunset Park, Brooklyn Teaching Studio



I'm excited to announce a few openings into my private studio for classical guitar lessons.  Classical guitar lessons with me are available online or in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  I am a certified educator and my passion for teaching centers around helping students of all ages and abilities express themselves through music, work through the rewarding challenge of learning an instrument, and having a great time along the way!  

On my teaching page you'll be able to find more info on:

Studying With Me

Check out the video below to learn about me as your teacher.

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Matt Kaplan Classical Guitarist & Educator Prospect Park Headshot Brooklyn, NY

What You Can Learn

My lessons are tailored for beginners to advanced players. We can discuss topics like instrumental technique, performance practices, recording techniques, how to read and notate music, and more.  Before your first lesson you'll have the opportunity to tell me about your specific goals and interests. 


Don't see something listed below? 

Send me a message about it and I'll see what I can do for you!

Classical Guitar Fundamentals

Classical guitar lessons are available for beginners to advanced students in Sunset Park, Brooklyn or online.  We can learn technique, positioning, repertoire, tone production, and more.

Reading Music

Learn best practices for reading music for classical guitar.  Learn how to sight read, understand the score, and realize a variety of musical textures.

Music Theory

Understanding music theory is an essential skill to performing and understanding music on a deeper level.  I break it down in a way that makes sense on the guitar so that you can apply it directly to your studies.

How to Practice

Learning how to practice is one of the most important concepts you can learn as a student.  This will help you to excel not only on your classical guitar and music journey, but also in other areas of your life!  I've personally used my practice approach to help me learn a variety of things like a new language, how to run a marathon, and more.  This is one of my favorite things to teach and something that I wish I had more of an exposure to as I started music lessons.  Here we'll learn about effective practice habits, how to make a practice routine that works for you, the importance of mental practice, and how to organize your time to make the most of it!

Music Performance

Want to perform at your best?  I love introducing students to performance practices, preparation strategies, and mental techniques to get on stage with confidence.


Recording is a very different experience than performing in front of a live audience.  I have gear at my apartment we can use to help you learn how to capture your best sound.

Composition & Improvisation

Learning to compose or improvise is a fun way to express yourself.  We can workshop your compositions, analyze music of composers you admire, and put it all together with a notated score.

The Studio Space

I hope you can join me in person at my studio space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  I'm right by the 45th St. R train which is easy to get to from the express stop at 36th.

Take a look at some of the pictures below.  My goal with the space was to create a warm, comfortable, and quiet place to learn and play music.  I have a spare classical guitar with a footstool or guitar support you can use if you prefer not to bring one with you.  

Matt Kaplan | Classical Guitarist & Educator Online Classical Guitar Lesson Setup

Online Lessons

I love teaching classical guitar lessons online.  Online lessons are a great option if you don't live near Sunset Park, Brooklyn or prefer to skip the commute. 


All you need is a strong internet connection, a quiet space, and your classical guitar!  Send me a message below or schedule up a free consultation and I can answer any questions you have about online lessons or get you scheduled.

What Students are Saying

Matt Kaplan Classical Guitarist & Educator | Classical Guitar Lessons 5 Star Google Reviews

"Over the past few months, I've had the privilege of learning under Matt, my classical guitar instructor. What sets him apart is his unparalleled ability to break down even the most intricate musical concepts into understandable and manageable pieces. Every lesson with him feels like a revelation, as he demystifies the complexities of classical guitar even for beginners like me. His patient approach, combined with his deep knowledge, has not only transformed my understanding of the instrument but has also reignited my passion for music. Truly an amazing teacher whose impact on my musical journey cannot be overstated, thank you Matt!."

- Victor R.

Excellent teacher with helpful insights into both technical aspects of performance and interpretation.


Matthew B.

Matt is a great teacher and great guitarist. I am a mostly self taught nylon string guitar player and I took lessons with Matt for the better part of a year.  After just a handful of lessons, my right hand technique developed tremendously. I learned a lot of valuable guitar technique knowledge that I continue to use to this day.

Matt is a very patient and kind teacher. He is always prepared and and teaches to every student specifically what they need. I am a music educator myself and I speak only the best of Matt and his teaching and playing!

- Matthew O.

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