A Chamber Music Collection

This album highlights the classical guitar chamber music of Bolivian composer Jaime Zenamon and features my amazing friends and colleagues from NYC. In it you'll find music for guitar solo, guitar duo, trio, quartet as well as guitar & violin, guitar & cello, and guitar & clarinet ensembles. 

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A Chamber Music Collection

I was introduced to Jaime’s music early on when I first started studying classical guitar.  It wasn’t until I came to NYC in 2012 that I rediscovered his music by playing with cellist Mark Humburg.  I met Mark while I was studying at Mannes and he had music for Jaime’s piece for guitar and cello, Reflexoes No. 6.  In another instance, Matt Pidi, my guitar duo partner from my Master’s program at Mannes asked me about another a guitar duo piece of Jaime’s, Sonata Andina.  He had heard it played brilliantly on a recording by Julian Gray and Ronald Pearl and thought we could also do good work with it.  When we finally started to incorporate that piece into our regular recital programs - it was easily one of the most well-received pieces in every performance since. 

I first reached out to Jaime about his music because I lacked information that I wanted to give audiences about his inspiration behind the music. Receiving this information was extremely meaningful because music is all about communication.  I felt it strengthened my performances to a new level between me and my audience.

There are a lot of factors that led me to work on this project.  For instance, I stopped learning new music after my time at Mannes and found myself focusing on technique, taking my time to learn music right.  This is because I feel that confidence and security in playing are always correlated with one's confidence in practice and preparation. Previously, I just didn’t have that. Spending time away from my instrument, I set up new and healthier habits.  I also invested in a new instrument crafted by a science-driven luthier, Gary Lee whose knowledge and skill set for guitar-making is fueled by his passion for music.  Previously, I hadn’t even felt confident in my sound.

Part of my story is New York City and moving to the city for music. I wanted to keep that as part of the album—the story of the album. I could not do it alone. I’m super grateful for meeting a host of musicians along the way.   


And the outcome is really just that —it’s easy to feel singular as a musician in New York.  I wanted to share what’s something I’m proud of. I wanted this album to be an expressive representation of myself in spirit of collaboration and I wanted this to be remembered because I don’t think this have ever been done— the chamber music of Jaime Zenamon all on one album. I'm proud to represent his music.

I resonate with this music. Jaime is able to tell a story with his music.  It’s different and it’s accessible. People who have a perception of what classical guitar is will be surprised by how wide ranging the pieces are. I hope you enjoy the album and thanks as always for listening!


I couldn't have done this project without the help of my incredible indiegogo contributors!  Check out the video below and my initial campaign here!